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To build a sustainable company through innovation technology and the pursuit of consumer engagement
— Silent Panda, Mission Statement

About Us

As a young adult, Samuel Taylor knew that he was destined to do something great within design. Samuel comes from a very artistic family, where art was used as an expression. This occurred during a time when it was better to be seen and not heard.  “I grew up as a baseball player says Taylor, however design was always my first love”.  As a teenager, Samuel was fascinated with the hit animation series, The Jetsons.  He was amazed on how they were able to infuse technology into their daily lives - in particular, their footwear and apparel which served as a catalyst for his interest in fashion. I’ve always been curious about the integration of Technology being embedded into Footwear and Apparel, and with this mindset the brand Silent Panda was created.  The word Silent, was created based on Samuel’s demeanor, and the word Panda was a nickname that he’s had since his childhood. In his own words, Samuel designs the line for “a guy who strives to stand-out from the rest with innovative materials and great details, without being too over-the-top.” “My design philosophy is recycling what has occurred in the past to move forward,” says Samuel. “I have something different to say with a sensibility that is both old and new.